this is me and Apo Whang-od

Back in 2015 I had my first job as a production assistant and BTS photographer for a travel show in History Channel Asia the shoot was around 30 days. We roamed around Luzon from South to North and Buscalan was our last stop. I never knew the concept of mountain climbing before and our producer was such a climber/hiker and she told me stories of her climbing multiple mountains and I was amazed by the idea of it, I always thought you needed ropes to climb mountains. Then there we are about to climb Buscalan with a camera crew and all I had was my clothes and camera. It was just walking though it was hard for me since it was my first time but we made it after 2 hours. What made the trip memorable was the community and the people and of course it was part of my 1st job experience. Magandang buhay!
Lagi kami pumupunta ng Sta Ana Cagayan noong 2015-2016 kasi lagi may event si daddy at lagi niya rin ako kinukuha na photographer sinusulit nalang din namin ang punta namin. Napakalayo lagi ng biyahe namin, umaabot kami ng mahigit 16-19 hours.
Mt Maynuba 2017
My 1st legit mountain climbing was with a schoolmate I barely talk to. I just saw her post on Instagram that she climbs mountains then I messaged her na parang wat umaakyat ka pala then he said oo tara or something like that then we decided to climb a mountain the next day! We both didn't have sleep tapos nasira din sapatos ko pero masaya.
Gulugod Baboy was my first climb that I planned which was in 2017. (Back story, in 2016 I climbed one mountain and in 2017 I climbed a spontaneous trip with a schoolmate prior to this.) Anyway, my 1st climb to Gulugod Baboy will always be memorable. I climbed with my crush who is now my roommate. But the photos I have here are the photos I took to my 1st camp here with my family! It was super memorable since it was the 1st time in several years since we camped as a family. Ang daming 1st haha

this is roman
this is roman
Here are the photos I took the first time I climbed Mt. Gulugod Baboy
Mt Ugo
Our 1st camp trip!!! We climbed with the ADUMs. We 1st met them at a day hike to Mt Sembrano, Roman and I didn't get a guide because I have been there I told him we should just keep going right but then I went left so we got lost :(( But we found our way back then we were at the 1st rest stop, people from ADUMs were there and we continued the hike together. I couldn't find photos of us eating in the mountain while it was raining very hard but anyway that hike was so memorable we learned that hiking is not just hiking and that we needed basic and proper training. Mt Ugo is such a memorable hike. We walked from Nueva Vizcaya to Benguet and we experienced different trails and I want to go back.
Big Handys!
Our friend Eliz invited us to join her here at Big Handy's in Rizal. It's a private land owned by two loving and kind people. Most of the time the Philippine Astronomical Society holds stargazing events here and luckily when we were there, some members of the PAS was also there! They showed us cool stuff like lazers and showed us how to take cool photos of the stars. It was really peaceful and relaxing here. They also have a lot dogs but I wasn't able to save some photos of them.

Eliz and Roman

Spot our orange tent!

Mt Napulauan (the photo in black and white)
I have a love-hate relationship with this mountain it's because Roman planned this hike and we are not really fit to climb hard mountains but this mountain is one of the 15th mountains that is to hard to to climb in the PH. I didn't know about that!!! All I know is we had to climb and camp for 3 days. All the trails was as assault meaning every trail is at almost 90 degrees. It's okay it was rewarding when we got to the summit it was peaceful, legends says that a diwata is guarding the summit and the mountain. Side story, if you see the photos below, the person in the middle is Kuya Ben our 65 year old guide he was judging us the whole hike and the one on the right is Roman! We might go for a revenge hike soon but with friend since we were not able to finish the traverse of the mountain since it was raining and everything was so steep. So we did a back trail instead. Oh!! At the end of the hike we joined a celebration in the community (a relative passed the board exam) and they fed us pancit, pork and made us drink rice wine!
Mt Pigingan 2018

This is the most photos we have during a hike thanks to Kuya Richard, our driver who hike with us! Credits to Kuya Richard for all the photos. This is by far the best hiking group we had next to ADUMs. Alot of memories were made during this trip but the most unforgettable moment was when Tobi tripped and fell good thing he is used to climbing mountains. This was also the 1st time I tried a passion fruit! OH! Side note Mt Pigingan has the best drinking water!?!?!

Punong Tibig

Wild Berry
Wild Berry
Mt Maynuba

During this hike we were split into two since its almost everyone's 1st time camping. Roman and I are a team, he usually leads and I usually sweep since we think we are responsible for the people we bring during hike or camping trips. Romans group was really fast like speed!! But our group, we had a very educational hike and learned about the nature that surrounds us like the purpose of each tree and etc. We also got the chance to try wild berries! I brought my brother's GoPro that's why we have a lot photos.
This is Celine!! Our new favorite person to bring since she cooks.
This is Celine!! Our new favorite person to bring since she cooks.
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